Is it time for an intervention with a loved one or employee? An intervention can take many forms including confronting the behavior, setting boundaries, or just getting together and talking over options. We provide this service in your place of residence, work site or neutral location. With a calm, professional approach we believe that bridging the communication gap can improve the chance of getting an individual engaged in the recovery process. Although not as simple as it sounds, with the proper guidance everyone has the opportunity to make quality life improvements. Our goal is to move the family/employer out of crisis and guide the individual to the appropriate level of care.

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If you are unsure of how to help your loved one or where to turn for guidance, we are here to help. Too many times, family members remain in the dark to the numerous services offered throughout the Acadiana region. Assessments include a thorough evaluation of key life areas regarding substance use and family history. Appropriate referrals are made based on need. Once an assessment is complete the staff of Acadiana Intervention confer and make a team decision based on the information provided.