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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is an intervention?

An intervention is any action that disrupts unwanted behaviors and can take many shapes including speaking with the individual of concern, having a family meeting, or getting outside assistance to help the individual get engaged in the recovery process.

There are 4 basic levels of intervention we provide. Call for more details.

2.What happens during an intervention?

An intervention is an extremely stressful time for all involved. We take the utmost care to carefully guide individuals through the process. The basic premise is a gathering of all of those concerned, when possible, to share the effects of addiction on the family, company, or significant others.

3. What are examples of treatment options?

Depending on the severity of drug and alcohol use, the individual could be referred to a detox program, an outpatient program, or inpatient program. This process of these treatment options will be explained during the intervention.

4. Who does the intervention?
One or more of our counselors will provide this service.

5. What about confidentiality?

All of our assessments and interventions are confidential. We strictly adhere to confidentiality laws and believe it of the utmost importance when providing treatment services.

6. What happens after the intervention?

Several scenarios may occur after the intervention. The individual might willingly seek treatment at this point. If not, the there are several options to consider. This will all be discussed prior to the meeting.

7. Where can an intervention or assessment take place?

Acadiana Intervention provides services at your home, neutral site, or place of employment if needed.

8. What is the difference between an assessment and intervention?

An assessment is a gathering of information. An intervention is confronting the issue with the individual and having a plan in place to get the individual to take action.

9. Can my family do an intervention?

Yes. Although, having proper guidance through the process by a professional can help.

10. What are the reasons for an assessment?

A proper assessment is needed to make appropriate referrals.

11. What are the cost of services?

An on site/office assessment is $200.00 for the first hour and an additional $100.00 for every hour after. Although most assessments usually take an hour. Details can be discussed at the time of contact. Call for more information on intervention services.

12. Will my insurance provider cover the intervention?
Interventions and on site assessments are usually not covered by insurance. We do consider insurance when placing individuals in the proper modality of care.