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Mary "Tootie" Landry is a Registered Addiction Counselor. While she too is in life-time recovery from addiction, Landry has made a dedicated choice to serve those with substance abuse issues and has worked in a variety of settings. She has provided counseling services in both individual and group sessions. She has been instrumental in assisting families and their loved ones in the intervention of a substance abuser, and those who will enter the road of recovery after their program has been completed. Landry also leads a local outpatient program. In this role, she provides leadership in group activities, and conducts individual therapy sessions for those on federal probation or who are federal parolees. Landry maintains the records and charts for each client while in compliance with the Western District Federal Court and The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

While Landry is a Registered Addiction Counselor, her success with working with others comes after spending nearly 25 years as a financial advisor. As a vice president of investments and management of accounts exceeding 80 million dollars, she has provided these services to more the 1,800 clients. In addition, Landry is a local commentator for KPEL radio station in Lafayette, LA. She is the commentator for "Not Necessarily the News."


As a 2001 Super Bowl champion, Brandon understands the process for success. He also understands the struggle of addiction and how it can alter an individual’s path. Brandon’s journey into the counseling field is marked by numerous accomplishments and struggles. Retired after eight seasons in the NFL, Brandon began his journey. From the highs of sport accomplishments, Brandon has also experienced the lows addiction can bring to individuals. Through the process of recovery and hard work Brandon was a 2012 Olympic hopeful. From the peaks of being a champion to the lows of what addiction brings, Brandon understands the work it takes to succeed in life and in recovery.

Through this journey, Brandon has developed a deep passion for helping other individuals. He has dedicated his time to giving back to others in the community. He has given numerous talks on his recovery process to treatment centers and high schools throughout Louisiana. Brandon has also volunteered his time to local inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. As a Counselor in Training, Brandon brings his unique experience to the counseling arena and is able to inspire others with his story and passion for recovery.


Chad Franks is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He was a Licensed Addiction Counselor, and Certified Clinical Supervisor for over 15 years. He served as the Administrator for a local inpatient treatment center. As director of this program he was responsible for the management of the Center’s employees, the hiring of its staff, operations, and working with the various client programs. Nearly 45 patients a month were provided services in this facility. As administrator, Franks also ensured compliance with policies and procedures as set forth by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. In this role, Franks was instrumental in working not only with community and state-wide clients, he has also been instrumental in retaining and providing a federal program for those who are entering society after incarceration.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Psychology and his Master of Science degree in Counselor Education. He was a Certified Counselor Supervisor, training counselors who want to work in the area of substance abuse therapy. In recovery, he is able to understand the client’s needs and has been committed to providing quality care to those who suffer from addiction. Since 1996, he has worked in various settings to include an adolescent extended care facility and a 28-day inpatient treatment center. As a substance abuse counselor, Franks has conducted client groups, individual counseling sessions, educational lectures, family sessions, and crisis interventions. He has also contracted his services to local and state halfway houses and other outpatient programs.