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Acadiana Intervention is a locally owned company dedicated to providing on-site assessments, interventions, individual and family counseling, and referrals for individuals who are suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Our goal is to provide these services to family members or employers seeking guidance. Ensuring appropriate placement for care is crucial for the process of recovery. These services are also offered after normal business hours and on the weekends.

We believe it takes more then a referral to provide direction. We offer these services on-site including your home, place of employment, or a neutral site. We monitor and track individuals throughout their treatment to ensure quality care is received. We also serve as a liaison between the family members and employers while working with the treatment provider. There are many treatment options and we strive to find the right one for our clients. The relationship between the client and treatment is a key component in keeping a client engaged in the treatment process.

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Losing sleep? Confused? Angry at loved ones? Lied to and stolen from? Tired of waiting for that phone call in the middle of the night? We believe that where there is life there is hope. An important aspect of an intervention is having counselors experienced in the recovery process. If you are family member struggling with confusion, frustration, or hurt we can provide the needed direction.


Is your employee showing signs of drug or alcohol use? Work performance declining? Unsure how to confront the issue? Many employers struggle with not only helping individuals, but protecting their investments. There are occasions when the employer has spent time and resources training an employee to perform their duties only to have to let them go due to their substance abuse. We believe that with the proper intervention, the chances of individuals maintaining employment and continuing to be an asset to your company is increased. We work with your Human Resource department or existing drug and alcohol policies during the process.